Lease Object: Electric Bicycles

Lessor: Mariñaebike

Through the rental contract that the client accepts when making the online reservation, Mariñaebike agrees to:

  • Deliver the bike in perfect working order, clean and disinfected, with a 100% charged battery and ready to start riding right away.
  • Accompany with the following accessories: helmet, rear light, and lock.
  • Provide telephone assistance service throughout the rental period at no additional cost.
  • Give the necessary instructions for the correct use of the bicycle by road, mountain, or any type of terrain.
  • Emphasize the correct use of the security lock to store the bicycle.
  • Comply with the time and place of delivery, have flexibility in modifying and changing it if possible and with a minimum notice of 24 hours in advance.


The CLIENT who rents the bicycle must undertake to comply with the conditions stipulated in this contract, which they accept when making the online reservation:

  • Use the bicycle solely and exclusively for your own use and enjoyment.
  • Make good use of the bicycle and keep it in good condition, without any intentionally caused breakages or damages, taking into account that it is a bicycle for circulation on urban roads and roads in good condition, never for use in the mountains.
  • Check the condition of the bicycle at the time of delivery, in case of any damages, indicate it well in the written contract and by phone +34 618 25 53 10 to Mariñaebike. On the grounds that said damage prior to use is not the responsibility of the client.
  • In the event that during the rental period the bicycle suffers intentional damage, the customer will be responsible for 100% of the cost of repairing or replacing it in case of purchase.
  • Damages suffered during the rental caused by wear and tear, unintentional accidents, such as falls, punctures will be the responsibility of the Mariñaebike company. If these damages prevent continuing with the rental, the company will replace the bicycle with another exactly the same. If this is not possible due to lack of units, Mariñaebike commits to refunding the difference of the rental price.
  • Mariñaebike offers a travel assistance service at a cost of € 30 per bicycle.
  • Clients who do not have the travel assistance service contracted and should they need us to provide this service will be charged € 35 per hour and a call out fee of € 0.65 per km.
  • The client must always be responsible for the bicycle, making sure that it is not lost or stolen. Given that it will be the customer who will bear the expenses of the purchase of another unit.
  • Mariñaebike provides a security lock that the customer must commit to using correctly when leaving the bike alone. This lock must be attached to a post, bar, or something physically anchored to the ground to prevent theft of the bicycle at all costs.
  • DEPOSIT: for each reservation the client must deliver a deposit of € 100 that will be returned at the time of finalizing the contract.
  • When the bicycle is delivered by the client to Mariñaebike, it will be reviewed by us in order to return the deposit in its entirety. We will only keep the deposit in case of improper use of the bicycle, damage, or malicious damage, never due to wear and tear or force majeure accident.